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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Email - Part IV - The Fanatics

Part I. Part II. Part III.

You knew it would eventually come down to…the Jews , didn't you? Oh, it takes her a while--and she begins with Christian-bashing as a smoke-screen--but you know if a certain type of person talks long enough, they eventually sink to the bottom.

Look seriously you can say there are fanatical muslims but what about fanatical christians.

When was the last time "fanatical" Christians (or Jews) rioted and murdered because it was rumored someone threw the Bible or the Torah down a toilet? In fact, when Palestinian terriorists holed up in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, it was "rumored" they used the Bible as toilet paper. Where was the rioting/burning/killing across the American Bible Belt over that incident?

there used to be plenty though now there are considerably less and though they do not commit terrorist acts they aren't any better.

Are you actually attempting to claim that Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell saying something really, really, really  stupid on television is the same as Islamic terrorists beheading someone on television? And please--please---detail the "plenty" of murderous, "fanatical" Christians who bludgeon, behead, and burn at the drop of a headscarf.

I mean look at the amish, thre was poor girl in her teens repeatdly raped by her brothers her parents having full knowledge but doing nothing about it saying God will punish him when his DEAD.Not much use to the girl don't you think.

No, it isn't. Since I grew up very near various Amish communities, I also understand the various "orders" within that religion. The abuses have occurred in those considered Old Order--extremely insular--dare I say inbred--communities. It is, in fact, a prime example of what happens to religious sects that cut themselves off from--or attempt to insulate themselves from--general society. Exactly what far too many Muslims themselves do, which is why I could cite the same type of stories from those communities. But they carry it one step further. The strict Islamist father would kill the girl, claiming it was her fault she was molested/raped by her brother.

And don't forget the Jews. They have their fanatics as well who are just as bad as the muslim fanatics. Its just you don't hear much them because their not controversial, not news worthy.

You're kidding, right?

It always comes down to the Jews. That's your real problem, isn't it? What's the matter--did your mother choke on a matzah ball while you were in vitro ?

As far as not being "news worthy"… Do you live in a cave? Not a day passes without the nation of Israel--or Jews of any nationality--being blamed for something . Check that--blamed for everything . Jews (and Christians) are routinely castigated for every ill that befalls the world--including being blamed for nineteen Arab Muslims flying three airplanes into the WTC and Pentagon (and trying with a fourth).

Start reading this blog and follow all the various links if you're really interested in learning.

The point I'm trying to make before you critise the so called enemies look at your friends, they are not any better. The only difference is they'er not as news worhty.Every religion and culture has to go through the cycle of violence. Give it a few more hundred years and it will pass. [Emphasis mine.]

That last is the most idiotic statement I have ever read.

Muslims have been in a cycle of violence since 622 AD--that's one thousand three hundred eight-three years --the longest case of pubescent angst in the history of the universe.

Look at Judaism and Christianity. Though of course you will never fully eliminate fanatics but you shouldn't be so harsh on them it isn't like muslims are the only one with fanatics. Besides fighting doesn't solve anything just keeps the cycle going. There really are no enemies only delusion and misinterpretation. Open your mind. Tunnel vision kills people.

Okay, snuff out the weed, get clean, get sober, and break the damn Joan Baez CD. That meme was old back in the 60's, and I've already lived through that crap.

All you have to do is look through history it is what it's there for to teach people. Just no one wants to learn.

I’m a teacher. I've been a teacher for thirty years. Don't try to lecture me on history, little girl--at least not until you've actually grown up and learned how to read and write properly.

You're a love. LOVE what you've said. God bless you for returning to blogging.
Thank you.
Everywhere I go, there's Monica. :-)

What can you say to someone that thinks Jerry Falwell and Osama Bin Laden are "alike?" One of my son's classmates, a very good student, had a letter to the editor in today's paper. She was frothing at the mouth about the evils of WalMart. Her last paragraph was "Sorry, but even if you didn't create poverty and suffering, you're guilty if you take advante of it. Just ask the good folks behind Iran-Contra and Nazi Germany, among other atrocities."

Of course, hiring people in poor countries is just the same as systematically slaughering millions of innocents. Good grief.
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