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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Email - Part III - Moral Relativism aka "The Inquisition"

Part I. Part II.

I will never understand why debaters (?) always try to use this argument--as if they think Christians believe the inquisitions were a good thing.

Besides you could say fanatical muslims have caused many problems through the world but what exactly did the inquisition do in the middle ages? I don't think they were very nice people.

This argument is called "moral relativism," in case you were wondering.

Before I go any further, I'd like to offer a free history lesson. Long before the current War on Terror, Winston Churchill described Islam as "that religion which above all others, was founded and propagated by the sword - the tenets and principles of which are incentives to slaughter and which in three continents had produced fighting breeds of men (and) stimulates a wild and merciless fanaticism."

As far as inquisitions--well--today they're called "ethnic cleansing," and the Muslims have turned it into an art form. Look at Kosovo where Muslim mobs have burned down about 300 churches and religious facilities aiming to establish an Islamic Theocratic dictatorship. Or perhaps you should visit Sudan and see what Islamic government troops have done to African Christians in Darfur. After that you can move on to Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Armenia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Russia, the Kashmir, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Technically Muslims caused  the infamous Spanish Inquisition--which began almost immediately after they were driven out of Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella (yes, the same who commissioned Christopher Columbus) decided to unify Spain under Catholicism after all the wars, division, and strife of the previous centuries. Their way of creating a "strong" country was to drive out all non-Catholics one way or the other. Not a good idea, but they stuck to it.

An "inquisition" was as much a political tool as a religious one. The Romans used it as their empire began to crumble, so it was certainly not the sole province of "Christians." There was a whole shopping list of medieval "inquisitions" from The Knights Templar to Joan of Arc and beyond. Torquemada of Spain, however, was the most infamous Inquisitor and, to their credit, the Catholic Church and the Pope tried to intervene. Unfortunately, having found a convenient political bludgeon, the Spanish rulers ignored them.

So… The Spanish Inquisition lasted from 1478 to 1834. Muslim ethnic-cleansing of anyone who is not Muslim started in 622 and continues to this day. Christians learn from their mistakes. Muslims won't even admit they make any.

And to use Cheneya [I think she means Chechnya] as an example, I think you should know most of those people don't have a choice. Many are forced to partake in these acts of terrorism else their families are killed by the fanatics.

A note about Chechnya. It was long a part of the Muslim empire of Central Asia including Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In 1858 Chechen leader Imam Shamil and his troops (primarily Sunni Muslims) attempted to establish an Islamic state, only to be defeated by Imperial Russia. During WWII the Chechens whole-heartedly joined Hitler's attack against Russia, enthusiastically killing Jews, Gypsies, and other "undesirables" right along with Red Army troops. So the Chechen people have a long history of hatred for Russia and certainly do not need to be "forced" to fight against those they consider their long-term, historic enemies.

However, every  human being with a working brain has a choice. Those without a working conscience  are another story.

I can't say, at this moment, what I'd do. But as a Christian, I certainly hope if I had to choose between saving hundreds of innocent children or my family…I hope I'd have the guts to save the the kids.

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