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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Seven Minutes in September 2001 versus Christmas Day in 1968

I'm not sure why there's any focus on the 7 minutes Bush remained in the classroom on September 11th when there is the entire Christmas Day 1968 that Kerry spent in Cambodia to discuss, but New England Republican links to PoliPundit who seems to have found the answer:

"On 911, Bush was instructed to keep going as normal while the SS set up a perimeter and plotted an alternate route to the airport where they could board Air Force One. They altered the route in case there was an attack planned against the President."

Works for me.

NERepublican has a good roundup of links on the Cambodian issue as well.

And how about the 40 minutes that Kerry and other 'leaders' of the Democratic Party spent "unable to think"? Why don't we hear about that?
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