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Monday, June 28, 2004

Trend Setters

The lefties love to think of themselves as trendsetters, but I don't think this is the kind of "trend" they had in mind.

Today Vilmar at Barking Moonbat links to a Larry L. Eastland column at entitled "The Empty Cradle will Rock - How abortion is costing the Democrats voters - literally "

How ironic. I've had this Ted Byfield June 6th Calgery Sun  column floating around for the past month and very nearly ditched it. Glad I didn't. Apparently the thinning of the ranks is being felt everywhere, or, as Byfield says, the "Sun may be setting on the 'feminarchy.'"

"By the feminarchy, I don't mean just the feminists.

"I mean the grand coalition of the feminist lobby and gay lobby that for years has dictated the social policies of the Liberals, Tories, Bloc Quebecois, NDP and the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as the hiring policies of nearly all the universities, and the content of nearly all public school curricula.

"To the feminarchy also must go the credit, or blame, for reducing both genuine conservatism and the phenomenon of articulate religious conviction to the status of the absurd.

"Consider, for example, the extraordinary exhibition staged by Judy Sgro, the federal immigration minister. She undertook a one-woman street protest against Stephen Harper after Harper's Conservative health critic endorsed "neutral" counselling for women seeking abortion. Harper did not repudiate his health critic. So the signal went out for another "Stop Kookdom!" orgy.

"Apart from the Sgro extravaganza, not much else happened.


"But this has been coming for some time. For at least five years, we have heard the wailing of aging feminists that younger women are not taking up their cause. The reason for this perhaps vaguely dawns on them.

"Political values tend to pass mainly from parent to child."

"The feminarchy made it a point not to produce children, and to quietly destroy them if they tried to make an uninvited appearance."

"So now that they need them, they aren't there."

Keep up the good work, people.

NOTE: This does not mean I am pro-abortion. Aside from all the unnecessary deaths, I have always wondered if somewhere in that 40-year Holocaust was a child destined to cure cancer--or any of a number of other great works that would benefit humankind far more than the doctrine of "a woman's right to choose."

MORE: Tom at MuD & PhuD has an interesting analysis.

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